Welcome to my site!

After years of social work in Toronto and Peel, I have opened a small private practice that focuses on wellness, self-care, and health.  I draw upon a variety of person-centered psychotherapies and coaching strategies to help people grow, maintain, sustain and conserve wellness over the long-term.  My specializations are best suited for working professionals, educators, teachers, lawyers, parents, and direct service providers.

I am committed to growing the Wellness Industry based on a strong foundation of evidence-informed mental health theory and practice that offers clients access to professional holistic  professionally regulated paramedical health services.

Psychology Today Verified.

This site acts responsibly to protect the confidential personal health information of clients as regulated by the expectations of the College of Social Workers and Social Services Workers, OCSWSSW, where I remain a member in good standing since its inception in the 1990’s.

My social work and psychotherapy registration number is 323311.