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Opening a private practice in Toronto has been an exciting new beginning to a long career in Clinical Social Work. Listen to this interview to learn more about wellness and the role of counseling in achieving and sustaining your health goals.

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Counseling Sessions & Your Wellness

Goodness of fit with your therapist is key

Finding the right therapist is a really important step to getting better. It seems that people search online for an extended period of time before making the call to schedule an appointment. In fact, the number of searches to one site might number in the thousands. Yet, the frequency of calls is much lower.

People who have invested so much time in researching for a caring, reliable, honest, and effective counselor and psychotherapist online have a right to meet with a few certified mental health counselors to decide who you feel is best suited to work with you.

Independent practitioners offer the best options for completely confidential services without compromising professional expectations around standards of practice.

Take the initiative and make that call. You will know immediately if the therapist is the one for you. Similar to finding the right dentist, masseuse or acupuncturist, your process in choosing a counselor is important and may take some time.

Some people feel problems are resolved after a single session while others find it helpful to meet over a few weeks and months. Even longer term options exist for people seeking professional coaching or in-depth analytical therapies.

Feeling better is one click or call away!

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The folley of binary argumentation and its impact on applied integrated health practices.

Polemic ideologies are always off-kilter

Some people wonder about the practicality of philosophy in modern times. What is the point of philosophical humanism in an age dominated by mechanically enhanced mathematical formulae?

In my view, this dawn of mechanized thinking has trapped free thinking, human metaphysical spaces, or more simply put, the mind into a tight binary of two dimensional thinking.

It is true that the mind typically has a limited capacity to hold several ideas at one time. Advanced mathematics require that people use pencil paper and/or computerized support to solve problems. The human brain also requires an externalizing process that helps us to list, view, contemplate, analyze and examine the multiple layers to problems.

Increased “binarization” of code to solve problems for us has resulted in the neglect of higher order nuanced thinking required to creatively solve problems that directly impact all of us. In my naive experience of technology, computer coding is based on a simple 0-1 formula. I like to remind folks that I began my social work career before the technological revolution. I worked with people before the dawn of emails, platform based clinical recordings, and computer generated assessment tools.

Of course, there have been some benefits to the explosion of apps, assessment and recording platforms, emails, digitally enhanced voice recording systems, and more. There have also been new problems that we are only now learning more about.

I have always found the people need safe spaces to contemplate various options they have in life and a person with whom they trust to talk through these various options without judgment or prejudice.

This externalizing function of talk-based counselling offers the mind an objective human interaction that helps people to develop a framework for first understanding what is going on and what they feel and understand about it, followed by how to move forward on what to do about it.

This sophisticated process of human problem solving is never binary. People always have more than a couple of ways to “think” about a problem and to solve personal issues. The cognitive overload created by too many options, too much text, and too much sensory information is clearly compromising the mental and psychological wellbeing of people.

The binary framework created by computer dominated coding has also stressed the natural problem solving processes that we all use when confronted with emotionally intense situations, ideas, or experiences.

An integrated health model recognizes that people benefit from a continuum of care that includes counselling, physical exercises, diet, sleep, and spiritual practices. A binary perspective of health views people as well or unwell; healthy or sick; mentally healthy or mentally unhealthy; addictive or non-addictive. A binary perspective is identified by the word “or” and the exclusion of “and” in conversation and in printed form. It never truly reflects the reality of a person’s situation.

The reality of health however is more akin to a seesaw or teeter totter where some areas of health are compromised at specific times and under certain situations. The goal of health is to ensure that we have access to services when needed to help maintain or restore balance in all areas of wellness including sleep, diet, attitude, and relationships at home, school, work or in the community.

As a seasoned therapist, I am not at all surprised by the increase in anxiety and depression created by the pace and limited metaphysical space for the human mind and brain to thrive. I am totally pro-technology. But we are NOT there yet!

We have created a brave new world for our children and grandchildren. A highly sensory sensitive environment that increases pressure on healthy brains without developing health services to address new problems that appear as trauma related symptoms, increased anxiety and depression, decreased physical movement, and poorer eating habits and family meal times. Is it ethical to continue to use tools, devices, or processes that may harm otherwise healthy brains?

Integrative health models offer individuals and families with a continuum of care providers when needed that work to restore balance before an injury or illness interferes with work, family, or personal functioning.

All people deserve access to a range of health services that help all of us maintain our wellness in all areas over a lifetime. I believe it is time that we respond accordingly.


Is marriage a Sacred Bond?

Marriage is a commitment like no other

All politics aside, marriage is a commitment between two people that requires nurturing, time, and care like no other. Often pushed to the edge of everyday living, it is quite miraculous when two people are able to remain together committed in and to marriage over the long term. What is the secret to a “happy” marriage many people ask? How is it possible that the two of you are still going along so well together – after all this time?

Of course as a therapist, I have firsthand experiences working with many people over the years who encounter serious and unexpected events in their marriages. Many times, perhaps too often, marriages do fall apart due to neglect, distraction, and perhaps, ingratitude. Mostly, marriages end when new relationships have been given permission to begin. In other words, people will often stay in very unhappy unions until they open their heart to another caring ear, wandering eye, or helping hand. Sadly, some relationships grow apart emotionally, physically and spiritually. It may feel easier to move forward with someone new instead of continuing to try with a partner who no longer meets your needs for love, affection, fun, personal growth, intellectual advancement, and sexual fulfillment.

There are many important dimensions to a happy and healthy marriage. These areas of personal wellness become increasingly apparent when married couples decide to have children together and to grow a family. The presence of children certainly changes things! Priorities, timelines, behaviours, sacrifices, everyday duties, and responsibilities grow and change in relation to the beautiful and blessed gift that children bring to married couples in love. Brought forth into this world through a healthy marital bed, children dramatically change the lives of couples in the most uplifting and happy ways. As two people age together, and have the blessed experience of becoming grandparents, the “tough” days seem irrelevant cast in the light of hope that new life promises to bring.

I am definitely not qualified to discern whether marriage is in fact a sacred union. But, when I meet two married people who demonstrate deep love, affection, and respect for one another – the glow of something more powerful and larger than even the couple can explain seems very real to me. There is no doubt in my mind that marriage is truly a sacred bond between two people in love. A bond so deep, powerful, and beautiful that it can last a lifetime. Deciding to hold a traditional marriage ceremony that seeks a holy blessing can only help in our world riddled with loneliness, sadness, and despair.

How do you congratulate newly married couples, parents, and grandparents? What are some of the important ways you deliberately nurture your marriage and honour the power of your holy union everyday? Do you think your marriage will last? What proof do you have? Make it your daily habit to remind yourself about how lucky you are to have a lifelong companion with whom you share laughter, joy, sex, and just ordinary stuff!



Summer break for Moms too

Summer time breakfasts are fun!

Summer is a wonderful time for families to spend time together. When my own children were younger and still living at home, summer was also an extremely busy time for me. Organizing day trips, healthy snacks and lunches, and fun breakfasts, summer holidays increased my active duty as “mom”! I was fortunate as my husband, a college professor also had summer vacations with the family. I was the resident cook and he, the clean-up crew until the boys could pitch in the kitchen as well.

These months were sacred for our family and a time to slow down, relax, and play. In the early years, we did not have a lot of extra money for expensive trips. Instead, we generally stayed in Toronto enjoying our local beaches and parks. We also had access to a family cottage in Marmora where my sons learned to fish and swim in a muddy river making good memories with family and friends that last a lifetime.

By the end of summer, the local community of mothers agreed that getting back to school and a regular schedule was a good thing ! We enjoyed this time with our families as a community. We validated each other’s feelings that mothering was a full-time job when our kids were home.

My choice was to always negotiate time off during summer vacation in order to stay with my children. Before my career in education, I would take small leaves without pay in order to be with my sons. This was my choice and I am glad I had employers who agreed and supported my wish to stay with my own family when they were on vacation.

Partially, my choice to work in education was shared by this coveted summer holiday time. This was especially important when my boys were in elementary school and still enjoyed time with their mom and dad! In truth, all of my career and professional choices were shaped in tandem with my primary responsibility to be with my own children whenever they were home full-time.

How do you integrate your own family experiences in your use of self-care strategies with parents in your practice? What methods do you use to support new parents with their personal choice around child care, work, vacation, and domestic duties? Have you unpacked your values and biases around these options? #wellness #family #care #healthy #nurture


Beautiful Summer

Easy breezy days of summer

Living in a country with four seasons is wonderful. Every three months the local climate and ecology changes in rather significant ways. It is truly a gift of nature to observe these changes on large and small scales. It seems as though a local urban street transforms from a dark cloudy and grey bland of autumn and spring to the glistening white snow of winter or sparkly colourful meadows of summertime. Breathing in beauty that surrounds us is restorative and healing. We all experience the healing powers of nature when we allow ourselves to sit along a peaceful shoreline or walk quietly along a wooded path.

Daily Wellness practices include small acts of attentiveness to the beauty that surrounds us. Summer blossoms invite us to notice colour, scents, and stunningly pleasing views that truly have therapeutic impact. So, take time to let go of your daily work related stresses and allow nature to lead you on a path of healing. Your heart and breathing rates will calm down as your sense of wonder and awe emerge. Beauty is naturally attractive. Allow yourself to experience the curative experience that nature holds, and notice the changes it has on your mood, relationships, and productivity. Enjoy your mindful walks this summer and soak in all the beauty that nature has in store.

How do you help your clients develop deliberate and mindful practices in nature? Do you infuse reflections about beauty in your clinical work? What are your own biases about beauty that may interfere with the healing potential of seasonal health? #wellness #healing #mindfulness #stillness #awe


Reflections on Freedom

July 4th is American Independence Day and a time to reflect upon what freedom means to you. There are several ways to think about your personal freedom and the impact of your behaviours and choices on the people in your life at home, work and in your community.

Healthy dialogue normally helps to minimize conflict or confusion over the choices you make. Where breakdowns in dialogue or relationships occur in relation to decisions you have made, it is likely that your attempts to communicate your perspectives, values, and needs have failed to align with the people who are most important to you.

Liberty is truly a golden gift that we hold dear to our hearts and protect with care.

What does it signify when your values, beliefs, and choices are restrained by individuals or organizations whose power reduces your personal liberty and the freedom to respectfully voice dissent?

At the risk of running into profound waters on my blog, I do believe is important for all of us to reflect on the American ideal of liberty and where the world might be without this ideal.

Since I am posting this reflection, I also believe that we are all responsible for social media, online presences, and the tone in which it is created, marketed, and shared. Some of what I have read online is shocking and distasteful. Businesses ought to know better and some have paid a price for ill conceived ads and value positions contrary to the average peacekeeping and law abiding citizen.

Certainly, people have a need to express negative opinions and anger, but never at the expense of hurting or harming other people, especially those most vulnerable.

Freedom of speech is foundational to my personal sense of self. Where I am unable to express to speak up about my own points of view or perspectives, I move on to environments that in my view foster healthier dialogues. Speak up as your opinion matters – it’s healthy and it works to clear up any misinformation, myths, or bad actors. My motto is, we all have our say, but not necessarily our way. It is never too late to be the change you wish to see!

Be well and happy independence day to our neighbours and friends.