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Lisa offers Counselling & Consulting Services and provides coaching, keynote speaking, and resource publications. Her work on understanding the role of empathy in healing processes deepens clinical awareness about self-care in caregiving & caretaking roles.

Lisa Romano-Dwyer is a registered Social Worker and Psychotherapist operating a wellness practice in Toronto. She has specialized expertise in children’s mental health and education. Since 1993, Lisa has practiced master level social work in mostly large urban settings. Graduating with an undergraduate degree in Psychology and a Doctorate in Culture, Language & Learning, Lisa develops a range of clinical interventions that build empathy and compassion for self and others.

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Lisa has worked as a Child and Family Therapist in hospital and Children’s Mental Health Centres. During the last two decades, Lisa has worked as a School Social Worker serving students and families in a variety of schools and specialized programs. Lisa is the former Chief Social Worker at the DPCDSB where she managed over 50 Social Workers in the field. Joining her husband in semi-retirement, Lisa continues as a school social worker part-time while she builds her private practice two days per week.

Lisa organizes interventions to build and restore empathy and compassion. She believes that compassion prevents bullying, improves clinician self-care, and reduces school violence in all its forms. Lisa is an active volunteer in her local community. Serving as an elected School Board Trustee in 1997-2000, Parish Council Chair, and Friendly Visitor with Toronto Community Living since 1980, Lisa is a long-standing volunteer.

Lisa represented her constituents in the Toronto Catholic District School Board, formerly known as the Metropolitan Separate School Board. She is a strong supporter of public education and believes that every person has a right to learn in safe and positive climates that grow healthy happy children and parent engagement.

Lisa’s first book entitled, Creating safe schools with empathy and peace-building strategies is available on Amazon. She has also published an clinical workbook for use with children identified with empathy problems.

Lisa plans to offer professional development and consulting services to teachers, parents, schools and direct social service providers that build empathy, self-care and wellness.

Empathy is a foundational virtue upon which compassion and love grow for self and others.