Lakeside Wellness Therapy Affiliates is a proud supporter of effective programs designed for children and youth. Character Education Components include a series of books and therapeutic guides and workbooks.

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Building Sensible Solutions Workbook

Reserve your workbook for school-aged children

Building Sensible Solutions for School-Aged Children. Activities Workbook for social workers, child and youth workers, counsellors, teachers, and parents. It includes 40 CBT-humanities informed activities that really work to help young people identify, process, understand, and talk about feelings. This book is recommended for implementation with students or school aged children demonstrating problems with empathy. Fees includes taxes and shipping costs.


2. Safe Schools Book for Greater Toronto Area

Creating Safe Schools with Empathy and Peace-Building Strategies.

This book introduces methods for social workers and other professional school-based counsellors to use in collaborative counselling sessions with students and young people. This book reviews evidence-based programs currently used in schools including peer mentoring, restorative justice, and virtues education. It also presents evidence on what works from two local research projects led by the author. Findings revealed that students are likely to engage in meaningful relationship with teachers, child and youth workers, social workers and psychologists. Arts-based counselling activities engaged marginalized students in meaningful dialogue about their feelings. This book further elaborates on the intimate emotional space created in counselling sessions. It discusses the importance of the consent process when working with vulnerable populations. Written primarily for regulated mental health clinicians, this book offers hope to young people and families. Order at today using the icon below.

3. The Boys of Milverton

A novel for early chapter book readers

New Beginnings is the first in a series of stories that chronicle the adventures of JJ Spumoni and his growing Italian family. In this first book, the family moves into their new home on Milverton. JJ quickly befriends a number of children and through a series of unexpected events plays as goalie for the soccer team’s championship finals. When Sam breaks his arm, J.J, Rob, Greg, Mitch and others rally together for a truly exciting big finish!

The Boys of Milverton Early Chapter Readers is a series for children who enjoy everyday adventures. Purposefully written as virtues-based stories of friendship, moms and dads who coach new readers will discover the joy that novels bring to children as they learn about empathy, respect, kindness, loyalty and self-control.

4. Character Props

Character Research shows that:

Kindness Empathy Respect Tolerance Fairness Loyalty Bravery Integrity Honour Courage Self Control and Honesty are fundmental to reducing bullying behaviours and the negative impacts of bullying.

Kindness Character Pillow Prop

This versatile Kindess Prop may be used in your child's bedroom, play space, or classroom. Easy-to-read text on a 8" x 8" inch washable pillow. NO feathers included.


Character Education Package

Ideal for teachers, educators, special education and mental health specialists, and behavioural consultants, this conveniently packaged resource comes with the Early Reader, WorkBook, and Safe Schools research AND 3 different Character Pillow Props. Book bag included.


12 Essential Character Props

Buy ALL 12 essential Character Pillows to decorate your treatment class, snoozle room, or therapy space.


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