Reflections on Psychotherapy Networker Conference, DC 2019

Therapeutic alliance, clinical confidence, & deliberate practice One of the most beneficial sessions, entitled “A Day for New Therapists: Learning the Principles of Successful Practice” was presented by Lynn Grodzski, LCSW, MCC, LLC . This session outlined all of the important steps required for practitioners setting up a full-fee private practice. The session used […]

Visualization & Wellness

Visualization is an evidence-based strategy that works to reduce stress Clinical Social Workers and Psychotherapists understand the importance of helping people to learn visualization strategies proven to reduce stress. Visualization techniques employ the imagination in the healing process. Breathing techniques are also highly valued strategies used to reduce the harmful impacts of stress, anxiety, and […]

Healing Processes & Options

Having several options to treat a medical problem such as arthritis, sports injury, or depression increases a patient’s or client’s sense of control over their own healing. Under the care of credentialed regulated health care providers, people have more treatment options than ever to heal.