Evoking positive emotional states. Psychotherapy Networker Conference, DC, 2019

Similar to shoes, you wear your emotions and feelings wherever you go One Friday March 22, 2019, an all-day workshop entitled, EvokingPositive Emotional States: Uplifting interventions to heal the heart was presented by Courtney Armstrong https://www.thetraumatherapistproject.com/podcast/courtney-armstrong/ Her lengthy experience working with children and families was evident through her session. She provided several videotape examples to […]

Reflections on Psychotherapy Networker Conference, DC 2019

Therapeutic alliance, clinical confidence, & deliberate practice One of the most beneficial sessions, entitled “A Day for New Therapists: Learning the Principles of Successful Practice” was presented by Lynn Grodzski, LCSW, MCC, LLC http://privatepracticesuccess.com/ . This session outlined all of the important steps required for practitioners setting up a full-fee private practice. The session used […]

Embracing Gentle

During this religious time, many of us engage in prayerful reflection and family traditions. We think about our roles in charity, voluntarism, and community wellbeing. Participation in activities that aim to promote wellbeing in others is usually hidden from view. People are uncomfortable with claiming positive contributions to society, as being anything less than humble […]