Evoking positive emotional states. Psychotherapy Networker Conference, DC, 2019

Similar to shoes, you wear your emotions and feelings wherever you go One Friday March 22, 2019, an all-day workshop entitled, EvokingPositive Emotional States: Uplifting interventions to heal the heart was presented by Courtney Armstrong https://www.thetraumatherapistproject.com/podcast/courtney-armstrong/ Her lengthy experience working with children and families was evident through her session. She provided several videotape examples to […]

Reflections on Psychotherapy Networker Conference, DC 2019

Therapeutic alliance, clinical confidence, & deliberate practice One of the most beneficial sessions, entitled “A Day for New Therapists: Learning the Principles of Successful Practice” was presented by Lynn Grodzski, LCSW, MCC, LLC http://privatepracticesuccess.com/ . This session outlined all of the important steps required for practitioners setting up a full-fee private practice. The session used […]